Littlefireball is the information page of Splinter animations.

Splinter was first created and directed as an artwork by Pamela Richardson and Kevin Smith in 2001.

It was first exhibited at the 2001 TRAILER show in London's East End. Since then Splinter episodes have been shown at various art venues around London.

Our principle has been to create a new episode each time we are invited to show.

The original format of Splinter was a stand alone movie, shown on a local pc or as a projection.

Splinter episodes last for an average of four minutes each.

Splinter episodes are not sequential and can be viewed in any order.

Solo Shows

Hat On Wal Galleryl, EC1, 2004

1000000mph project space, E2, 2005

Selected Group Shows

Trailer, E2, 2001

John Jones Gallery, N4 , 2001

Guns and Roses Trailer,E1, 2002

Blondes Buy More Peroxide, 1000000mph project space, E2, 2002

Godzilla, Trailer, N1, 2003

Sneeze - Arch Gallery, SE1, 2004

Cinderella, Trailer, SE16, 2004

Revolution, Trailer, E8, 2004

Gigolo, Trailer, Trafalgar Hilton, W1, 2005

YabaDabaDo, Trailer, Cell Poject Space, E8, 2005

Mre Lavers Diary, Hat on Wall Gallery, EC1, 2005

Final Fantasy, Mission Gallery, Swansea, 2006

Future Group Shows

Eau Sauvage, Trailer, Lucy Mackintosh, Switzerland 2006